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Why Mint32Dental?

Dr. Riano is excited to stand out in the Oviedo community and wants Mint32 Dental to be known as a warm and inviting environment for all. Her gesture to patients is a way to connect, and make the dentist feel a little less sterile and intimidating and a little more welcoming and kind. She has a passion for great food, and this is one way for patients to get to know her personality a little more. Plus-we’re all busy and it’s not often you receive a sweet snack at a medical appointment!

Bringing A Fresh Perspective To Oral Care In Oviedo

Dr. Riano is used to seeing larger, corporate dental offices in the community and wanted to step out on her own to provide a more intimate experience for patients. She is excited to grow the community through her practice and to give people the option for a more personalized dental approach. Dr. Riano wants her expression of herself in her practice to extend to patients, and for them to feel inspired to do the same!

We Have Something For Everyone

At Mint32 Dental, we’re dedicated to investing in technological advancements in oral care for teeth alignment, restoration, and more. We intentionally keep time available in our schedule to offer care for anyone dealing with a dental emergency. Dr. Riano can take anything you throw her way so bring her your achy, missing and broken teeth! Get the urgent dental care you need today!

Make Mint32 Dental Your Go-To

Once you meet Dr. Riano and the team, you will instantly feel at home. We are dedicated to honesty and integrity in everything we do, and can’t wait to give you the smile of your dreams. We will always take the time to assess your whole health, and make treatment plans collaboratively. After all, this is your oral health! Make your first appointment now by calling us at (407) 519-0634. We look forward to seeing you!

Making your dental health our priority

Love Your Smile at Mint32 Dental

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