Do Veneers Damage Teeth?

Do Veneers Damage Teeth?

In recent years, veneers have become a popular choice for those looking to improve the look of their teeth and their smile without the hassle of more invasive cosmetic treatments. 

However, as with any other dental procedure, there are questions that come up about the implications of veneers--namely "Do Veneers Damage Teeth?

The short answer is no - but our team here at Mint32 Dental is not one to just provide an answer without some explanation. 

To delve deeper into this question requires us to look at how veneers work, the materials used in dental veneers, and what actually happens to your teeth under veneers.

How Do Veneers Work? 

Dental veneers are thin shells that are placed over the front of your natural teeth with a special adhesive material that prevents decay and wear. 

They are generally used to correct a variety of issues, including chipped or broken teeth, discolored or stained teeth, gaps between teeth, and unevenly shaped teeth. They can also be used to make crooked teeth look straighter without the need for braces. 

What Materials Are Used in Dental Veneers? 

The most common type of material used in dental veneers is porcelain. Porcelain is often preferred because it’s incredibly durable and highly resistant to staining from food, drinks, or other substances that could discolor your teeth over time. Porcelain also closely mimics the color and texture of natural tooth enamel.

Composite resin or ceramic materials also provide similar advantages. However, they may require more maintenance over time due to their lower durability compared to porcelain options. 

What Happens to Your Teeth Under Veneers? 

Once the veneer is applied it will become a permanent part of your tooth structure. And this begs the question: What exactly happens to your teeth under veneers? 

Well, aside from correcting aesthetic issues such as crooked or chipped teeth, veneers also provide an added layer of protection against external forces (e.g. biting and grinding) that can cause chipping and fracturing of the tooth over time. 

Additionally, they provide added defense against further dental damage by keeping out bacteria and plaque buildup inside crevices or grooves on the surface of your teeth. Plus, with routine cleanings from your dentist, there’s no telling how long your veneers can keep up their structure and luster.

Incorrectly Installed Veneers Can Damage Your Teeth

Although it’s generally agreed that veneers do not cause tooth damage if installed incorrectly the effects could be hugely damaging. Here’s how:

  • Improperly fitted veneers can trap bacteria in between the veneer and enamel, leading to bacteria build-up and the development of decay.
  • Ill-fitting veneers can create a disastrous domino effect on other teeth due to jarring or grinding which could result in complex alignment issues.
  • Also, if fitted too tight, veneers may cause teeth to become overly sensitive.

It’s, therefore, important to have your veneers placed by a qualified dental professional--one who will ensure everything is done correctly from start to finish!

If you live in Oviedo, FL, and are looking for a quality veneer dentist, Mint32 Dental is here for you! Our team, which is led by Dr. Leidy Riano Galeano,  has the experience and qualifications needed to deliver excellent results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! 

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